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猫ドアほしい / I need a cat door


1. I’m busy. Mew! (Open the door!)
2. Caterwaul! (Open the door! I ‘m too cold!)
3. Mew! (You are slow!) Sorry.
4. Iwashi(cat) stretching. You enter quickly…

子どもギライ / Iwashi (cat) doesn’t like children.


1. I feel relax because there are not children in the room.
2. Babu stroking Iwashi(cat). Purr…
3. Mum! Iwashi is purring.
4. ….

わがやのヒエラルキー / Hierarchy of my family


1. Iwashi(cat) was the family at the beginning.
2. Nasu was born. Iwashi(cat) became constipated from the stress.
3. Babu was born. Nasu is chasing Iwashi(cat).
4. My eldest son Iwashi(cat) became the lowest position of the hierarchy…

本物になる? / Does it become real?


1. Mum, did the stuffed toy of cat that was your favourite become real cat “Iwashi” ?
2. Yes,indeed. It’s the same as “The Velveteen Rabbit”
3. So, does a stuffed toy of ghost become real,too?
4. Maybe…