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Stripe mop-top boy

子育て4コマまんが「Mushroom growth」のばぶこと次男のLINEスタンプを作りました。ただいま絶賛販売中です。


謹賀新年 / A happy New Year


1. Please teach me how to write “Ginga Shin-nen” because I will write a new year card.
2. What did you say? “Ginga(=galaxy) Shin-nen”
3. …
4. Maybe you want to say “Kinga Shin-nen(=A happy New Year)”

イギリス人に質問 / Babu asked a British person


1. Why do British people ignore traffic lights? (Alan is a good Japanese speaker)
2. Because, they responsibility for themselves.
3. Why do so many British people have tattoos?
4. Because, there are no public baths in the Britain. (It’s a joke)


霊界 / spiritual world


1. Mum, there is “Reikai” in Britain, isn’t there?
2. “Reikai(the spiritual world)”?
3. Because there is “0 kai(=zero floor)” under the 1st floor.
4. Oh, that’s right, you found it out. Good! (That’s the ground floor!).

一生に一度は / once in a life

1. What do you want to do once in your life?
2. I would like to see aurora absolutely.
3. I would like to make an eating tour of all over Japan.
4. As expected.