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遺伝 / DNA

1. Nasu came back from school excursion. I’m back. Welcome back.
2. Hello, we are very… Ah Nasu..
3. left his wallet at hotel…yes, all right…
4. Sigh.. I remembered I left my wallet when I went to school excursion.

茶室 / Chashitsu (tea house)

1. The front of a Chashitsu (tea house).
2. Dad,is this a Shrine?
3. No. Well then, is this a Maze?
4. No. All right! It is a Chanoma (Japanese style living room)!

好きな絵 / A favourite picture

1. At a museum.
2. Inokuma’s pictures are very interesting. Yes.
3. What kind of picture do you like? Cat? Bird?
4. Untitled.


節電 / Save electricity

1. Look! I made your comic book and bind it.
2. Wow! great! Do you sell this comic in a market of secondhand books?
3. Does this comic sell? This book is a simple handmade product.
4. All right, I think this comic will sell well because it save electricity than watch these comics with blog in Internet.

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夏休みの宿題 / Homework of the summer holidays

1. Wow! I can’t finish homework of the summer holidays.
2. But it is time to go to bed. I must get up early and do homework tomorrow morning.
3. Next morning at 5:00 AM. BEEP BEEP BEEP…. What’s happened?
4. He completely don’t get up.