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夏休み / The summer holidays

1. Play at the park, games, comics, meals, sweets are in Babu’s head.
2. Meals, sweets, comics, play at the park are in Nasu’s head.
3. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, children’s homeworks and her work are in Mum’s head.
4. At that time, cat’s head was going blank by a heat.

参拝 / Worship at a shrine

1. At Itsukushima shrine.
2. We have worshipped at the shrine.
3. Did you pray nicely? Yes.
4. Make a wish three times, it will come true, right? It is a tradition about shooting star.

修学旅行 / A school excursion

1. Nasu will go to a school excursion to Kyoto and Nara this year.
2. Mum, where did you go to a school excursion?
3. I went to Ise and Shima in Mie prefecture. I visited Ise Grand Shrine and Toba Aquarium ,etc.
4. Is Ise a famous place for Iseebi(=Japanese spiny lobster)?

太陽はなぜもえる? / Why does the Sun burn?

1. Mum, fire does not burn in the space, right?
2. Yes, because there is no oxygen in the space.
3. Well, why does the Sun burn?
4. Ah, well, wait a minute. I will remember it…(I’m googling)

楽譜の値段 / The price of a music score

1. The price of a new music score is 8,000,000 yen!(It’s joking, actually the price is 800yen)
2. Well, I will pay it at next lesson.
3. On the way home. Mum, have you got 8,000,000 yen?
4. I think the music score is so expensive…sigh…